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Why Are We Fasting?

On Friday, November 8, super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. Thousands have already perished, and many Filipinos in areas hit hardest by the typhoon have limited or no access to food. There are estimated to be over 800,000 refugees from this climate disaster.

On Monday, world governments met in Warsaw, Poland at the COP19 (Conference of Parties) talks on climate change. The lead negotiator for the Philippines, Naderev (Yeb) Saño, is currently fasting until meaningful progress is made in the negotiations. A video of Mr. Saño’s speech to the UN climate conference is below.

We are fasting in solidarity with Naderev Saño, the people of the Philippines, and the millions of lives at risk from climate change-exacerbated storms, as well as droughts, famine, and disease.

Haiyan was a typhoon, but it was not a natural disaster. It was a climate disaster. The COP19 must heed Mr. Saño’s words and “stop the madness” of climate change. Our delegates must stop listening to corporate interests. They must do their job of representing us and our future. The current proposed timeline is too slow. 2020 is too late for action on climate change. 2015 is too late. We need action right now, in Warsaw, in 2013.

We ask this with hope and demand it out of desperation.

People are dying because of climate change. But people are fighting too.

~~check out this video of Yeb Sano’s speech ~~
~~read “An Open Letter: Why we are Fasting This week” from students around the country

What can you do?

1. Join the fast!

If fasting PLEASE register on this formThis is crucial to making sure we have accurate counts for media and other sources. Thanks and sending much love!

2. Spread the word.

Whether or not you are hunger striking, you can tell friends and family about the action!
Talk about climate change and spread the message that we have the power to stop disasters like Typhoon Haiyan!

3. Sign this petition started by Yeb Saño himself, adressed to the delagates:

4. Hold a Vigil! 

On November 21st-22nd, 2013, people across the world will come together at vigils to remember the victims and survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, and to call for climate action that will honor their memory. Justice delayed is justice denied. has a place to register vigils,

5. Participate in the #WeStandWithYou photo campaign

Folks are doing this from the Philippines to Norway to the Middle East. Please add your voice! Here’s how you can bring that solidarity here into the halls of the UN and back to the Philippines.

Make a placard with the text #WeStandWithYou – in the language of your choice. In addition, print out the red dot, cut it out of the paper, and wear it on the photo. You can take group photos or single ones.

You can also write “I Stand With You” on your palm and take a photo of it.

Send in the photos
Please post your photos on this facebook page.

Change your profile pic

Either you can change your picture to the red dot, or the photos that you took with the placard. Use the hashtag #WeStandWithYou.

**And of course, donate what you can to the relief effort.**



To get in touch with the students editing and writing this site, email Daniel Jubelirer at (the webmaster) and he can direct you to various students involved 🙂


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